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Best IVF center in Amritsar

Your struggle ends here at Aashakiran, the leading IVF hospital with advanced technologies, and results in positive tickles to childless couples.

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Stay tunned with best IVF Amritsar

Get your best treatment at Aashakiran, we treat all kinds of fertility problems. Our vision is to provide best-in-class fertility treatment at the most affordable price. The best IVF center in Amritsar is capable of performing simple to complex fertility treatments.

The experts here perform various fertility assessments of beautiful couples to recognize the root cause. The IVF treatment is transparent to the couple, resulting in pregnancy success rates.

Even miracles take a bit of time, we can feel your suffering and an amazing solution to infertile couples with advanced technologies for beautiful results.

Why get treated at Aashakiran?

The happiness of infertile couples starts with an egg. We have treated 2000+ couples to have a parenting life in the last two months. Visit the best IVF center in Amritsar for astonishing results.

  • Experience that matters

    We grow hopes in tiny miracles to distressed couples from the last 18 years. We add spark to the dull life of our patients.

  • Best care till the patient recovers

    Every patient goes through multiple checks. We heal patients in a year at best IVR in Amritsar.

  • Advanced technologies

    At Aashakiran, we treat our patients with advanced technology for better results.

why aashakiran

What is IVF?

Visit the best IVF in Amritsar to get the best treatment in the region.

In Vitro fertilization picks the mature eggs from the patient's ovaries and is further fertilized by sperm in our highly advanced labs. This full cycle takes about 2 weeks to ensure pregnancy to infertile couples.

Why call for IVF?

Aashakiran is a leading chain of fertility, we satisfy our patients with advanced safety measures. Our team doctors take the finest care of the patients and leave them with a happy face. As we all know, struggling roads always end up at beautiful destinations.

  • Damaged fallopian tube

    The blocked path does not allow the egg to pass.

  • Genetic disorder

    This can also be the cause of infertility and is a part of IVF.

  • Production of weak sperm

    The abnormal size of sperm weakens the mobility. The male sperm density is quite low, this results in consulting a doctor at best IVF in Amritsar.

Cost of IVF Treatment in Amritsar

Get Affordable and Smooth Journey to Parenthood

The best IVF clinic in Amritsar offers different types of infertility treatments for couples suffering from male or female infertility issues. All these treatments are available under one roof so that all the infertility patients can avail. You can afford these treatments at a nominal price range.

You should follow some instructions while planning for the IVF treatment in Amritsar

  • How much does it cost?

  • Probability of IVF success rate

  • Which is the best IVF in Amritsar in terms of technology and experienced doctors. Therefore, by analyzing all the above requirements, Aashakiran decides to provide low-cost IVF treatment in Amritsar. It is possible with the help of highly experienced doctors only. We have the highest success rate, and we provide this treatment at a minimal cost. We plan friendly-budget so that needy people can easily afford it. IVF treatment cost stats from 50,000 to 1, 30,000 depending on blood reports, the amount of blood report you require, and how many IVF cycles you undergo and so many other things.

IVF Success Stories

Aashakiran team has helped numerous people to make their failure cases successful.
Some kind words from our successful parents.

IVF FAQ answers

Couples become parents at Aashakiran, the best IVF center in Amritsar.

  • How many days the entire process takes?

    The whole process takes approximately five to six weeks. But a happy pregnancy takes two weeks' time.

  • Is there any kind of restrictions for the treatments?

    You will be having few restrictions and take your doctor's advice for this.

  • Is the incidence of multifetal pregnancy high?

    On average, the twin pregnancy rate is 20%, of the triplet is 5%, and singleton is 75% when day three embryos are transferred.

  • Are there any side-effects during pregnancy?

    You may go through mild to moderate pain, diarrhea, and feel bloating. If you need further advice, you can call us anytime.

Our treatments

There is always a blessing within a storm, Aashakiran is the best IVF in Amritsar.

  • Embryo transfer

    The embryo transfer is the end of the In Vitro Fertilisation. This procedure is done by the best professional usually takes place in two to five days after egg retrieval. This is the end process to conceive a tiny soul.

  • Best pediatric

    We deal with your upbringing upto the age of 18. We take the best care for your baby's well being. The health of a child with mental, physical, and emotional strength is taken into consideration. Consult our best expert at Aashakiran.

  • Obs and Gynae

    We ensure the best care of the mother and the child with high and advanced technologies. Obstetrics takes care of the egg fertilization to the newborn baby with multiple checks.

Treatment Techniques

The experienced doctors and experts in the best IVF in Amritsar work with various treatments.


An assisted reproductive technology used to help couples struggling to conceive a planned baby.


A solution to, low sperm count or mortality. Use donor sperms to achieve pregnancy and tackle. Unexplained infertility.


A more advanced yet a similar process, to achieve pregnancy. A micropipette used to inject the sperm directly in the center of the egg.


A technology used to pick the healthiest sperm for the fertility process. A microscopic technology is capable of magnifying 72000 times for a better visual of sperms.


Offering women who are suffering from infertility problems. To follow the technique of the oocyte maturation process in an incubator.

Timelapse System

Technology is allowing you to see your child grow from a single cell organism by taking images of the embryo at a frequent time interval.

Laser-Assisted Hatching

A significant part of the IVF technique that makes it easier for the embryo to hatch and implant themselves on the uterus wall.

Embryo Bank

A procedure wherein the eggs of an infertile patient are taken out and fertilized in the lab, to form an embryo by combining the sperms and the eggs in a petri dish or a test tube.

Blastocyst Culture Transfer

The procedure of transferring the embryo when it reaches the blastocyst stage. A very advanced state of embryo development.

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