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Best IVF center in Bathinda

Find the best way to start the parenting life at Aashakiran. We help you to have beautiful souls in your hands with the best professionals and advanced technologies.

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Get treated for IVF in Bathinda

We deal with the best of patient comfort and care. We are here to grow hope for distressed couples. We help to give you happiness for the rest of the couple's life. Expectations come in reality when your life starts with a baby.

Struggling women give birth to their child at Aashakiran, the best IVF center in Bathinda.

Why choose IVF with us?

Once you see the size of the blessing, the day will understand your struggle. We help you to find this blessing within you.

  • Top-notch facilities

    We help you to feel that happiness with the best comfort for the best results.

  • Advanced technologies

    We heal the sadness of infertile couples with amazing new technologies.

  • Years of experience

    The most struggling roads end up at Aashakiran, we have 18 years of experience in treating couples.

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What is IVF?

Visit the best IVF in Bathinda to get the best treatment in the region.

In vitro fertilization, it is a process where a woman's eggs are fertilized outside her body by injecting sperm in the eggs in a petri dish. It is a process involving a combination of medicine and surgical procedure so that the sperm fertilizes the egg implant in a woman's uterus. The whole process consists of numbers of steps. Pregnancy is confirmed after the complete 14-days process. Aashakiran helps numbers of childless families to provide them with the hope of a child.

Find the finest professionals here

Giving a ray of hope to the distressed couples is what we look for. We bring happiness with a stunning team of experts and advanced facilities. We give options to help infertility and couples to have the most beautiful feeling.

Know about IVF

In-Vitro Fertilization is the part to treat beautiful couples with infertility. We grow hope in our advanced laboratories by taking out eggs from the uterus and fertilizing them with sperms. The build embryo is injected into the woman's womb for pregnancy.

Why go for IVF treatment?

The way to parenthood starts with an egg. There are some reasons why your partner infertile. We help them in the most surprising way to bring back the lost hope.

  • Preventing fertility due to cancer or other problems

    If you are going on with such a problem, this can affect fertility.

  • Damaged fallopian tube

    This problem does not allow the flow of eggs.

  • Male infertility

    Low sperm count and abnormal shapes need to get the best consultant.

IVF FAQ Answers

Choose Aashakiran, the best IVF center in Bathinda for best results and building faith.

  • How to determine the quality of the egg?

    Depending upon the previous history to attempt pregnancy.

  • When can the female go for a pregnancy test after IVF treatment?

    You are advised to wait for at least 2 weeks after this treatment.

  • What are the lifestyle changes during IVF?

    Keeping a healthy weight, avoid alcohol and smoking, and try avoiding things that can harm a baby.

IVF Success Stories

Aashakiran team has helped numerous people to make their failure cases successful.
Some kind words from our successful parents.

Our treatments

The origin of happiness for distressed couples, Aashakiran.

  • Donor program

    This donor program helps couples who are unable to have a baby. Following the strict criteria, we have the big donor bank of about 350 donours.

  • ICSI

    The process helps to inject the finest quality sperm with the egg under the expert's observations with the right and good quality sperm.

  • IUI

    This focuses on increasing the good quality sperm count with some external processes with advanced technologies in the uterus to conceive.

Treatment Techniques

The experienced doctors and experts in the best IVF in Bathinda work with various treatments.


An assisted reproductive technology used to help couples struggling to conceive a planned baby.


A solution to, low sperm count or mortality. Use donor sperms to achieve pregnancy and tackle. Unexplained infertility.


A more advanced yet a similar process, to achieve pregnancy. A micropipette used to inject the sperm directly in the center of the egg.


A technology used to pick the healthiest sperm for the fertility process. A microscopic technology is capable of magnifying 72000 times for a better visual of sperms.


Offering women who are suffering from infertility problems. To follow the technique of the oocyte maturation process in an incubator.

Timelapse System

Technology is allowing you to see your child grow from a single cell organism by taking images of the embryo at a frequent time interval.

Laser-Assisted Hatching

A significant part of the IVF technique that makes it easier for the embryo to hatch and implant themselves on the uterus wall.

Embryo Bank

A procedure wherein the eggs of an infertile patient are taken out and fertilized in the lab, to form an embryo by combining the sperms and the eggs in a petri dish or a test tube.

Blastocyst Culture Transfer

The procedure of transferring the embryo when it reaches the blastocyst stage. A very advanced state of embryo development.

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