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We provide a complete fertility solution under one roof. Among the highest success rate in IVF in Chandigarh with 18+ years of experience. Book your appointment today.

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Best IVF Center in Chandigarh

Get best-in-class IVF treatment in Chandigarh at an affordable rate.

For more than 18 years, the Aashakiran IVF Center in Chandigarh has been offering the best infertility treatment with outstanding results. Aashakiran IVF center caters the needs of fertility treatment, and it provides highly innovative and advanced procedures that will help you to enjoy your parenthood. After some time, it has grown to become the best fertility center in Punjab. The main aim of Aashakiran is to provide excellent obstetric and gynaecological healthcare services to its patients. With vast years of experience, we have been able to build a bridge of trust with our patients, and it results in happy and satisfied patients.

At Aashakiran, you are guaranteed to provide the most effective and advanced treatment at the IVF center in Chandigarh as it believes in continually upgrading its services according to the latest development in the infertility field. We strived hard to deliver top-notch services to hopeless couples as we know the importance of a child in the life of a couple Your search for the best IVF center in Chandigarh ends at Aashakiran. We provide the most innovative and advanced fertility procedure at an affordable cost. You will get the complete guidance and support from Aashakiran family as we follow strict protocols in this matter.

Why Aashakiran IVF?

We have the highest success rate. We have successfully treated various failure cases.

  • High Success Rate

    We have treated more than 12k childless couples to bring the hope of parenthood around the globe.

  • 18 Years of Experience

    Fertility Treatment Centre provides best in class fertility treatment and care. We handle thousands of failure cases successfully.

  • 90% success rate

    Tiny miracles do happen here. Our success rate is more than 90%.

  • Advanced Facilities

    Our Fertility Centre provides Advanced Technology and World Class Facilities for Best Treatment

why aashakiran

What is IVF?

Visit the best IVF in Chandigarh to get the best treatment in the region.

In vitro fertilization, it is a process where a woman's eggs are fertilized outside her body by injecting sperm in the eggs in a petri dish. It is a process involving a combination of medicine and surgical procedure so that the sperm fertilizes the egg implant in a woman's uterus. The whole process consists of numbers of steps. Pregnancy is confirmed after the complete 14-days process. Aashakiran helps numbers of childless families to provide them with the hope of a child.

Steps involved in the IVF cycle

Numbers of steps involved in the IVF cycle. The best IVF in Chandigarh follows these steps to provide the best fertility solutions.

  • Step1: When she is on her cycle.

    The IVF cycle starts on the first day of your monthly periods. The nurse will help you understand the IVF process on day one and why it is performed on that particular day.

  • Step2: Invigorating the ovaries.

    This phase starts from day one itself. The follicles in your ovaries are forced to produce more eggs by a medication that goes for about two weeks.i.e 8-14 days.They are to be taken once or twice during the cycles or one/ two per day.
    These are the most common hormones involved in the medication to stimulate the follicles.

    • 1. Follicle-stimulating hormone.

    • 2. Luteinizing Hormone

    During these medications, the woman’s ovaries are monitored by blood tests and ultrasounds, to know whether your prescription would be needing some adjustment if needed. These tests will continue to time the “trigger injection” flawlessly. It is the injection that gets the egg ready for ovulation and this is when your fertility specialist will schedule the egg retrieval appointment.

  • Step3: Egg retrieval process

    Its procedure takes up to 20-30 minutes, wherein the patient is given local anaesthetics, and the eggs are collected from the ovaries. Our high tech ultrasound technology will guide the needle into each ovary. An average of 8-15 eggs is retrieved after the specialist has confirmed that the ovaries have enough eggs in the follicles fluid.

    Don't worry the recovery from the procedure takes 30 mins and you will be able to walk on your own, but it is recommended to have your partner to support you.

  • Step4: The Eligible Sperm Test

    The male produces a fresh sperm sample the same morning, the eggs are retrieved, and if the couple plans to use fresh sperm. And if you want to use donor sperm, then our lab will get it ready for you. The sperms are ranked based on quality. They are fighting washed in a unique mixture to slow them down. This helps the scientist to spot healthy sperm under the microscope. An ideal sperm is a fat or skin with the tail not so long or not so short.

  • Step5: Fertilization Of The Eggs

    It is the natural procedure done in an artificial environment, the fertility specialist and the scientist work together to fertilize the eggs under a powerful microscope. The sperms are released into the ovary dish, and they have the chances of fertilizing an egg similarly as it happens in the body.

  • Step6: Development of the embryo.

    After the successful fertilization of the eggs, they become embryos. They put them into a unique incubator that has a perfectly simulated environment to grow a baby. The embryos are on a watch for almost 5-6 days. Here our scientists are looking for the embryos to attain the cleavage stage.

  • Step7: Implanting the embryos in the body

    After the desired development of the eggs in the lab, the eggs are then transferred into the uterus. It takes about 5 min, and the nurse will call you up beforehand to direct you through the prerequisite procedure.

  • Step 8:The Final Blood Test

    Around two weeks after the transfer, you will have to go through a blood test to measure the level of hormone in your bloodstream, which would mean a +ve pregnancy. The appointment timing may vary for some patients.

Cost of IVF Treatment in Chandigarh

Get Affordable and Smooth Journey to Parenthood

The best IVF clinic in Chandigarhoffers different types of infertility treatments for couples suffering from male or female infertility issues. All these treatments are available under one roof so that all the infertility patients can avail. You can afford these treatments at a nominal price range.

You should follow some instructions while planning for the IVF treatment in Chandigarh.

  • 1. How much does it cost?

  • 2. Probability of IVF success rate

  • 3. Which is the best IVF in Chandigarh in terms of technology and experienced doctors. Therefore, by analyzing all the above requirements, Aashakiran decides to provide low-cost IVF treatment in Chandigarh. It is possible with the help of highly experienced doctors only. We have the highest success rate, and we provide this treatment at a minimal cost. We plan friendly-budget so that needy people can easily afford it. IVF treatment cost stats from 50,000 to 1, 30,000 depending on blood reports, the amount of blood report you require, and how many IVF cycles you undergo and so many other things.

IVF Success Stories

Aashakiran team has helped numerous people to make their failure cases successful. Some kind words from our successful parents.

IVF FAQ Answers

Find all your answers here about the best IVF in Chandigarh, Cost of IVF and other infertility related issues.

  • How many times can one try IVF?

    There are numbers of parameters which decide the age of the female partner, clinical patient profile, previous response to IVF cycle, financial implications. In most of the cases, IVF can be attempted 3-4 times, if all the parameters are in range.

  • Is IVF harmful?

    Basically, any surgical procedure has its inherited risk, but overall the rate of surgical complication during egg collection is minimal. Consult the best IVF Centre in Chandigarh to get the best results.

  • Is the incidence of multifetal pregnancy high?

    On average, the twin pregnancy rate is 20%, of the triplet is 5%, and singleton is 75% when day three embryos are transferred.

  • How much does this procedure cost?

    It completely depends on the patient's Infertility profile. Approximately varies between Rs.40,000 to 1,30,000

Treatment Techniques

The experienced doctors and experts in the bestBest Infertility Hospital in Chandigarh work with various treatments.


An assisted reproductive technology used to help couples struggling to conceive a planned baby.


A solution to, low sperm count or mortality. Use donor sperms to achieve pregnancy and tackle. Unexplained infertility.


A more advanced yet a similar process, to achieve pregnancy. A micropipette used to inject the sperm directly in the center of the egg.


A technology used to pick the healthiest sperm for the fertility process. A microscopic technology is capable of magnifying 72000 times for a better visual of sperms.


Offering women who are suffering from infertility problems. To follow the technique of the oocyte maturation process in an incubator.

Timelapse System

Technology is allowing you to see your child grow from a single cell organism by taking images of the embryo at a frequent time interval.

Laser-Assisted Hatching

A significant part of the IVF technique that makes it easier for the embryo to hatch and implant themselves on the uterus wall.

Embryo Bank

A procedure wherein the eggs of an infertile patient are taken out and fertilized in the lab, to form an embryo by combining the sperms and the eggs in a petri dish or a test tube.

Blastocyst Culture Transfer

The procedure of transferring the embryo when it reaches the blastocyst stage. A very advanced state of embryo development.

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